estefania has featured at over 50+ shows and festivals across Turtle Island, as well as competing in slams and facilitating workshops. they regularly hosted the Toronto Poetry and Rock Collective series, as well as Voices of Today festival events, and other shows throughout the years. if you’re interested in booking estefania to perform, host, run a workshop, or anything else, please contact


Feature Set

Poetry sets can range from 20 minutes to 45 minutes.

estefania has been performing professionally at poetry slams, literary and music festivals, rallies, fundraisers, and other shows since 2014.


yes is also a fantastic host/MC and is available for a wide range of events. they have experiencing hosting at multiple national poetry festivals, local shows, and community events over the last five years professionally, although they did host a series they ran in high school briefly - so the waters run deep.

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Community Care for Poets and Humans Who Care (Approx. 3 hours)

This workshop explores community care and accountability, and is heavily discussion based. It explores our own care routines, how we care for each other, and the impact that this care can have on us as poets and as humans. It is meant to run as a personal and community inventory tracking the flow of emotional energy, particularly looking at where we invest energy and how we engage with our respective communities, audiences, and art forms.

We also examine the practice of care, what supporting and being supported looks like tangibly, and how to better access this in our interpersonal and broader lives.

The workshop runs like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book, in that yes comes with a variety of conversations, activities, and resources, in order to better meet the desires of those in the room. The structure is informal, but the overall experience is guided and intentional.

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Create a Workshop

If you're looking for a particular workshop to be done and think yes is the person for the job (they probably are), please send them an email laying out what it is that you're looking for. For these requests, please give at least a month's notice in order for them to get something together for you.

Other Workshops

estefania also has other workshops that they’ve run in the past, on request by organizations, that they can run again but that aren’t as developed as the Community Care workshop they’ve been working on for the last three years.

Some of these workshops include: Anti-O and Gender Based Violence, (Migrant) Justice is What Love Looks Like in Public

For all booking inquiries, please email with your particular request and some information about your organization/event. Rates are flexible and discount rates are offered to non-profits and community organizations.