estefania alfonso falcon


is a migrant settler based in Tkaronto, what is colonially known as toronto. they were born in havana and come to this land by way of familial migration following la perioda especial in cuba.

they come to poetry through the cuban traditions of being a dramatic lover and never shutting up.

they are a poet, activist, facilitator, teacher, and event planner with a history of running local series and national festivals.

yes is a radical, (gender)queer feminist. they are a prison abolitionist, intersectional feminist, leftist, and anti-state activist.

yes has performed on stages across turtle island. in 2014 they became a national champion and in 2017 they co-directed the Voices of Today national youth festival and joined the Spoken Word Canada board.

they also organize with No One Is Illegal - Toronto and the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network.

yes’s poetry is a blend of vulnerable rage and self-celebrating humour. their intention is to learn so loudly that others have no choice but to follow suit, and they’re just so stoked for our collective growth.

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Photographer: @jjchau

MUA: @mareesesa

Hair: @recreatingroddy

Creative Director: @cameravindua